Specialty Services

PCS engineers possess expertise in many aspects of electrical, computer and software engineering. Our primary focus is to automate factories, testing laboratories, warehouses or any facility that requires automated processes. Our technologies involve numerous variations of hardware and software related to the following:

Controls Design

PCS can help improve your electrical schematics, enclosure design and component selection to make them more cost-effective.

PLC Control

Ladder Logic, Structured Ladder, Structured Text, Function Blocks, Sequential Function Chart/Block.

Servo/Motion Control

Induction Motors, Permanent Magnet Motors, Rotary Servo Motors, Linear Actuators.

Process Control

Open-Loop, Closed-Loop, Discrete, Analog, Batch, Continuous.


Enterprise Networks, Control Networks, Device Networks.   


Machine Status, Operator Interface, Production Dash Boards, Alarm Annunciation, Remote, Monitoring/Control.


Production Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Supply Chain Management.


Marking, Reading, Verifying, Tracking.

Error Proofing

Product Inspection, Assembly Verification, Sorting, Positioning, Tool Monitoring.