Company Overview 

PCS is an independent designer and integrator of specialized control systems.  Our experienced engineering staff has implemented many innovative and cost effective solutions in factories, testing laboratories and warehouses across the country.  We’re committed to maximizing the performance of our customers' automation investments.  Whatever your application, PCS will provide your company with the ability to optimize and improve your manufacturing process.

The engineers at PCS have dedicated themselves to keeping abreast of the latest technology in the constantly changing automation field.  Fast response and quick resolutions to customer issues have made them leaders in this field.  As a testament to their success, PCS has been awarded Certified Integrator Status by both Mitsubishi Electric and Cognex Vision Systems.  

Our experience, combined with our technical expertise, allows us to provide our customers with solutions that will exceed their expectations and requirements.  

"Our mission is to become a leading designer and integrator of specialized control systems that exceeds the expectations of our customers."