Other Services

Platform Migration/Conversion

PCS has experience in the conversion of legacy equipment to their newer product lines.  Additionally, PCS has experience in the conversion of one product manufacturer to another.    

Mitsubishi Migration

  • K/A-PLC to Q-PLC
  • F-PLC to FX-PLC
  • GOT-800/900 to GOT-1000/2000
  • MR-J2 Servo to MR-J3/J4 Servo
  • FR‐A/E/F-500 VFD to FR‐A/D/E/F-700 VFD

Allen Bradley Migration

  • PLC-5/SLC-500 to ControlLogix/GuardLogix/CompactLogix
  • Panelview (500/600/1000/1200/1400e) to Panelview Plus (400/600/700/1000/1250/1500)
  • 1336 VFD to PowerFlex VFD

Allen Bradley to Mitsubishi Conversion

  • PLC-5 to Q-PLC
  • Panelview to GOT1000

Mitsubishi to Allen Bradley Conversion

  • A-PLC to ControlLogix


  • In-Sight 1000 to In-Sight 5000/7000


PCS has experience in retrofitting legacy hardware produced oversees to American Safety and Industrial Machinery Standards.

Control Room Operations

PCS Control Room Operators perform countless amounts of critical tasks related to day-to-day Plant Operations.