Other Services

Platform Migration/Conversion

PCS has experience in the conversion of legacy equipment to their newer product lines.  Additionally, PCS has experience in the conversion of one product manufacturer to another.    


PCS has experience in retrofitting legacy hardware produced oversees to American Safety and Industrial Machinery Standards.

Control Room Operations

PCS Control Room Operators perform countless amounts of critical tasks related to day-to-day Plant Operations.

  • Monitor centralized informational displays (SCADA/HMI) for equipment status/issues plant-wide.
  • Monitor status for all types of machines, ovens, air supply houses, RCO/RTO, etc.
  • Monitor production & maintenance two-way radios for any requests.
  • Inform production & maintenance personnel of critical status or problem areas.
  • Start and Stop production equipment throughout the shift.
  • Monitor production counts and downtime.
  • Monitor video cameras of critical production areas for equipment related issues.
  • Monitor and track any special, show and launch production vehicles.
  • Maintain records of scrap units in accordance with GIS regulations & rebuild process thru FTPC.
  • Maintain vehicle production scheduling and constraints.
  • Monitor material handling part shortages.
  • Maintain EBC broadcast reprints, HOCR reprints and VIN plate re-punch.
  • Set clocks for start/stop times.
  • Update daily shift status and round-by-round reports.
  • Email and SMS status reports to Management at key times throughout the day.
  • Answer phones calls from Management.
  • Make overhead plant-wide announcements.