Successful Mitsubishi iQ-R Safety PLC Project - R16SFCPU & GX Works3

An OEM required PLC software design for Gasoline Fill Machines and an Exhaust Fan Ventilation Machine for their automotive end-customer.  Due to their own resources committed to other projects and having limited experience with Mitsubishi Controls, they decided to go with an Authorized Systems Integrator.  

The first step for our customer was finding a proven integrator that they could trust to represent them proudly.  By choosing PCS, they were safely in the hands of a very successful and Authorized Mitsubishi Integrator.  

This system included the following equipment:

  • Mitsubishi R16SFCPU Safety PLC’s
  • Mitsubishi RD62P2 High Speed Counter Modules
  • Mitsubishi RD60AD4 Analog Input Modules
  • Mitsubishi RJ71GP21-T2 CC-Link IE Field Modules
  • Mitsubishi NZ2GFSS2 CC-Link IE Safety IO
  • Mitsubishi FR-A840 VFD’s
  • Mitsubishi GT27 HMI’s
  • MELSOFT GX Works3 & GT Works3 Software

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Be sure to always hire a specialist of a product that works with it full-time; we’re much more efficient.  By using an Integrator that participates in the Mitsubishi Electric System Integrator Program (MESIP), you're working with an expert that is Authorized and Certified with Mitsubishi.  Whether it's turn-key software & hardware solutions, programming only, training, technical support, onsite field service, or other, entrust PCS as your Approved Solutions Partner!

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